Tweezers丨Longer Version Queen Tweezers Eyelash Extensions Tweezers

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Color: Pink

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Winky Beauty®Longer Version Queen Tweezers is kind of professional eyelash extensions tweezers.

Longer Version Queen Tweezers are coated with a pink/white/black diamond coat,and they have a naked tip for the ultimate grip and to make it easy on the eyes. Longer Version Queen Tweezers will help you to create perfect fans every time. Perfect for professional use or home use. Perfect angle and long nose, making it ideal for isolating and reducing wrist action.

Longer Version Queen Tweezers Features:

- High quality stainless steel
- High strength grip
- Long term durability
- Pink, white and black three colors to choose
- Extreme precision and super lightweight

This is a must-have eyelash extensions tweezers for your extensions application.

**Caution:eyelash extensions tweezers are sharp as needles, please keep away from children**