Super Bonder for lash extensions 15ml

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Winky Beauty® Super Bonder for lash extensions is the secret weapon to help on extension retention.

This Super Bonder lash sealant is specially formulated to ensure the best holding and retention.
It can be used with any glue and maximize eyelash retention by 30%.
It can also helps to finish your lashes set fast, and expedites the drying process of lash adhesives by dehydrating the adhesive.
Perfect product for lash artists who may be working in more humid conditions or for some slower drying adhesives. 


  • Maximize lash retention
  • Accelerate the drying of lash adhesive
  • Protecting against water, sweat, dirt
  • Tips: Blow dry the lash extensions for 2-3 minutes after application. Apply 2-3 drops of Super Bonder lash sealant onto a micro brush, spread lightly on the glued areas of lashes. Air dry for 2-3 minutes before next process.
  • Do not saturate volume or mega fan, only apply where the adhesive bonds to the natural lash. Also, do not apply on skin.
  • Better use it up within 3 months after opening