PE Fabric Wrap Tape(1 roll)

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Transparent PE Tape(1 roll)


Gentle to the skin.   

Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients.   

Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity.   

Holds well on damp skin for secure placement.


This transparent PE Tape can be used for many things.  Such as the bottom lash tape

It is very often used to tape down lower eyelashes when a client is sensitive to gel eyepads.  

Use this to secure eyelids from sudden movement to keep the eye area safe.  

To prevent your Jade Stone from erosion, just tape this on the Jade Stone. 


Warm Tips:

Securing small to medium dressings especially on damp skin.   

Securing lightweight tubing.   

Securing ostomy pouches.   

Taping fragile, at-risk skin.   

When repeated taping is needed


Package Includes:

Breathable Transparent PE Tape For False Eyelash Extensions * 1