100pcs Disposable Glue Sticker

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Winky Beauty®Glue sticker is used as a disposable surface on jade stone or crystal eyelash pallet for easy cleaning.Glue sticker is Aluminum foil material made, waterproof and easy to use.Extend the speed of glue hardening to make grafting smoother.

  • Glue sticker is a disposable application tool,simply apply the sticker on your work area and pour a small amount of glue on it. After use, remove the glue sticker. No mess, no cleaning up after!

  • Disposable desgin. No mess, no need to clean the glue holder surface.
  • Aluminum material. Cool down the temperature so the glue won't dry quickly.
  • Bulk quantity. 100pcs in total and meet your daily needs.
  • Size: 2.4cm/1″ diameter fits glue pallets and jade stone.