100Pcs- Blooming-Flower-Shaped-Glue-Cup
100Pcs- Blooming-Flower-Shaped-Glue-Cup-easy-to-make-fans
100Pcs- Blooming-Flower-Shaped-Glue-Cup-fast-fans-made
100Pcs- Blooming-Flower-Shaped-Glue-Cup-fast-volume-fans

100 Pcs Blooming Flower-Shaped Glue Cup

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1 pack includes 100 disposable BLOOMING GLUE CUPSFlower-Shaped Blooming Glue Cup is specially designed to help you create the perfect lash extension fans.

These are great for new lash techs starting out with the volume technique.

The adhesive cup is separated into two compartments to maximize efficiency.

Can be mounted on top of your flatwork area or in combination with a deep surface glue ring (not included with the product.)