5ml Black Ultra Bond Lash Adhesive-3s Dry

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ANY glue will dry faster when it’s MORE humid rather than dry. Ideal humidity 30-60%, if you notice that the glue is not drying quick enough use a humidifier, for best results turn on your humidifier 2 hours prior to lashing. The ideal temperature is 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind – the lower the temp is, the dryer the air is. The higher the humidity the faster the dry time the lower humidity the slower the dry time.

Viscosity: Thin but not watery
Color: Black
Retension: Over 60days
Cruely Free
Gluten Free
Paraben Free
Latex and Formaldehyde Free
waterproof & oil-proof


UNOPENED BOTTLES: Keep refrigerated in its original airtight package with silica. Allow 40-45 minutes for adhesive to reach room temp and shake vigorously before use.
OPENED BOTTLES: Store in its original airtight packaging with silica. or in an airtight container when not in use. Keep away from heaters, direct sunlight, and open flames. Don’t leave adhesive in any uncontrolled areas.
Keep nozzle clean and replace when needed with replaceable nozzles that come with your package along with your nozzle pin. Do not wipe the nozzle with cotton-based wipes, or wet materials. Recommend using Adhesive wipes, or cotton free makeup sponge or wipe.
Shake 20-30 sec prior to dispensing glue drop.
Replace glue drops every 20-30min when in use.
Can be used for Classic, Volume, and Mega Volume